What happened to the toy animictronics?!?


(phantom animictronics)
Hello here is part 2 of what happened to the phantom animictronics.

So my theory is that the phantom animictronics are the toy animictronics. This works well because it doesn’t have to be “Phantom toy freddy”. This works well with phantom puppet, BB,and mangle. However it makes no sense because there is no phantom Bonnie. Plus there is phantom Foxy. But springtrap could have been possesed by toy Bonnie’s soul. As for Foxy I have no idea.Remember this is my personal theory so it’s not perfect.

Until the my friends!  P.S Anyone hype for Zacju37’s 3rd season of Fnaf?!?



Fanf speculation!

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Hello today I’ll talk about the characters and their attacks.We have quite a few new confirmed characters. I’ll make a list of them.

Fixed mangle,purple Freddy,shadow Bonnie,all endoskeletons,Fredbear,spring Bonnie,crying child, and (the one and only) JJ! So now I’ll tell you all forms of animictronics (that being broken, phantom, toy, and nightmare. It appears that fixed mangle has a hook and her bow tie is on the front of her neck. BB doesn’t have his sign and JJ has nothing.

The types of attacks are healing, attack, support, and stat raising.

This is all I know about the game. Until then my friends


What happened to the toy animictronics?

  (Not my art) 
Hello everyone! Today I will talk about what I think is one of video game’s biggest mysteries. Now I’m not talking about BB, Mangle, or the Puppet. I’m talking about the toy remakes of Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie. No one is sure what happened. They might have been scraped or shipped to a new pizzaria. Since I started this post to early I will wait and make a second part sadly😅. Until then my friends


Why does Dr. Zomboss hate plants?

zom boxSince the dawn of pvz (plants vs zombies)time, plants and zombies have fought each other day and night. However we don’t know why Dr. Zomboss hates plants and sends zombies to destroy them. Well lets take it one step at a time by starting back at the first game, the original Plants Vs Zombies. Massive waves of zombies are swarming the protagonist’s house.While collecting plants, capable of launching massive watermelons to burning several zombies the protagonist fights back. Level after level, zombie after zombie, the protagonist and his weirdly-formed neighbor,Crazy Dave defend their homes. Finally, Dr. Zomboss attacks himself in a giant robot! A very pressuring battle rages on but in the end the protagonist wins and the zombie army is defeated!…or is it?!? No because we have Plants Vs Zombies 2! After the protagonist destroys a small group of zombies, Crazy Dave shows up with his time machine named Penny. Dave randomly eats a taco and says its sooo good he has to eat it again. So the protagonist and Dave use the time machine and are shot through time and space defeating intergalactic zombies and fighting Dr. Zomboss multiple times! Now back to the point. This is why Dr. Zomboss hates plants. Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss used to be scientists together. They had just finished an amazing experiment. However, Zomboss wanted to use it for evil, but Dave found out about it and stole the results and used it to make a plat army to defend himself. However, Zomboss was MAD. He still had the recipe of the experiment! So he used it to create a giant zombie army. The zombies bit him and he also turned into a zombie but kept his brain secretly. So from then on Plants and Zombies have had war and will always have war.

Hello and thanks for reading this post and NO this is not my first post. I made a mistake when doing my first post. If you want to read it you will have to go on my menu and it will say whats my first post besides “Hello People”. So with that said, I will see you next time my friends!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               untitled_drawing_by_dahooplerzman-d8uzcxp

Hello people!!!


Hello everyone! You may recognize the picture at the beginning of this post, but for those of you who don’t know, I will explain. This is Balloon boy (or BB for short) but he seems….different. This is not normal BB, in fact this is Balloon girl ( or JJ for short). BB and JJ are both from the horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. My username is mysterious JJ, which is why JJ is at the top of this post. As you may have seen my posts are called the theory explainer. I will be explaining video game theories ONLY, as well as adding my own. At the beginning of my posts there will be a picture of what my post will be about and at the end will be JJ. Sometimes I may do something different, but I’ll explain that in another post. This concludes my introduction, I am very excited to share some theories with you all. Until then my friends!